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  Compagnia Lattiero Casearia

Producers of milk based raw
materials for the confectionery and
ice-cream industry. Among the main products are full-fat and low-fat
yogurt, condensed milk, butter oil
and cream.

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Evaporated milk

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Full-fat Yogurt
Low-fat Yogurt
Evaporated milk
Butter oil
> Product description
  Evaporated milk is obtained from the concentration of milk to which milk proteins are added until the desired protein content is reached.
> Use
  The CLC company specialises in the production of milk-based raw materials for the ice-cream, confectionery and food industry. CLC can supply products matching customers' technical specifications as well as following its own recipes.
> Packaging
  • Packaging (10 and 20 litre bag in box - 1 t IBCs) The industrial vocation of the company has led to offer several types of packaging systems and shipping facilities to match customers' needs.
Major consumers can choose to have their goods shipped in insulated road tankers through their trusted haulage company. The company has an extensive fleet of 1,000 l. stainless steel IBCs. 10 or 20 l. bag-in-box packaging is available for smaller quantities.
> Transport
  The logistics department makes use of refrigerated road tankers and semi-trailers operated in partnership with a specialised firm, whose management system is covered by a self-monitoring plan based on the HACCP approach. The road tankers are equipped with a GPS system for real-time vehicle tracking in order to guarantee travelling times and the time of arrival at destination. They are also equipped with an instrument for on-line product temperature measuring. Shipping of large batches is ensured by means of trailers equipped with insulated tanks, whereas refrigerated semi-trailers are used for shipping 1,000 l. IBCs and palletised product in BiBs.

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